Livingston Lures EBS Walleye 90 Crankbait

Livingston Lures EBS Walleye 90 Crankbait

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Length 3.5"

Weight- 1/2oz

Depth 4-6'

Designed especially for targeting walleye, the Livingston Lures® EBS Walleye 90 Crankbait features the frantic, fleeing motions of injured baitfish that walleyes on the prowl can't resist. Unlike other lures, however, this crankbait is equipped with exclusive EBS Technology™, emitting water-activated Electronic Baitfish Sounds – the actual biological sounds of key walleye forage fish such as perch, minnows, and panfish – as it swims. This advanced technology is proven to attract game fish from twice the distance of other lures. Great for casting or trolling. Lifelike finish with premium hooks and hardware.