Lucky Craft Sammy 100

Lucky Craft Sammy 100

通常価格 $13.99 販売価格 $16.99 単価 あたり

Length 4"

Weight- 1/2oz

Depth Floating

"Walking the Dog" action can be difficult to achieve with some top water baits. SAMMY makes it easy. Combine its easy to achieve "Walk the Dog" action with the spitting action of a popper and SAMMY gives you unsurpassed top water performance. But that's not all. Add the bass calling, glass rattles and the ultra natural coloring to top water bait that can be cast a long distance, and SAMMY becomes a must for all tackle boxes! SAMMY has already accounted for victories at the various tournaments within the past three years.

This bait size is a perfect all-around size and will catch numbers of fish, but it still appeals to large predators. It is a great topwater lure when fishing around schooling fish when the baitfish are not too large. Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehrler likes to fish the Sammy 100 quickly. "You can get it to jump, hop, and walk like a fleeing baitfish," he said. "It casts very easily and that makes it great for quickly covering water."