Gold Ghost Deep Thud 3/4oz

Gold Ghost Deep Thud 3/4oz

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Vexan Nokken Bass Baits

Weight 3/4oz

Depth- 3-4'

The NOKKEN™ Crankbaits are one of the best bass baits around. The wild action will entice the most finicky trophy bass and other freshwater gamefish to strike. Casting dive depth for the NOKKEN™ lure is approximately 3-4ft in depth. What’s most important about the NOKKEN™ lures is the rattle… Each NOKKEN™ lure has a trade secret “Deep Thud” rattle chamber that puts out one of the best deep thuds bass have ever heard! Every angler needs the right tools to catch trophy bass and the NOKKEN™ series of crankbaits will not let disappoint. Combine the right colors with this bait and you will catch some true trophy bass this year.