Berkley Hit Stick

Berkley Hit Stick

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Length 3 1/2"

Weight- 1/4oz

Depth 2.5'-6'

The Berkley® Hit Stick delivers balsa-like action in a super-durable plastic construction! Whether trolling at high speeds or using it as a finesse jerk bait, this lure produces incredible side flash, even at speeds as low as 1 mph. The tight tail wiggle along with a big rolling action mimics wounded prey, causing big predators to blow up all over this Berkley bait. A built-in FlashDisc™ keeps the Hit Stick tracking well, plus it allows the lure to perform like a balsa wood bait. The Berkley Hit Stick includes a high-pitch rattle that attracts fish from a distance, while sticky Fusion19™ hooks maximize hook-up rates. Casts well, even through wind.